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The 10 Best Smelling Plants for Your Garden.

Details: Some jasmines are unscented. If you're looking for the fragrant ones, try Jasminum floridum, J. humile Italian Jasmine, The popular Star Jasmine is not a true jasmine, but wonderfully fragrant. Star Jasmine Trachelospermum jasminoides comes from China and grows to. The clustered pink flowers are scented and long-lasting and appear in the winter and early spring. Red, black, or blue-colored berries are followed up by the flowers. It’s perfect for garden borders or pathways because of the ease of planting and small and compact size of around 1.5-2.5 meters 5-8 feet. Winter flowering daphne has an unmistakable old-fashioned scent. Semi-shade is best for these shrubs with a free draining, cool and slightly acid soil. Flowers range in.

Scented Geraniums do best in commercial potting soil with a bit of perlite mixed in so that the soil drains well, and the roots get enough air flow. Fertilize with 20-20-20 water soluble fertilizer every two weeks to keep this plant healthy. Winter takes away summer's colorful flowers, but sweet floral scents can remain - if you choose the right shrubs. A surprising variety of woody plants bloom in otherwise frozen gardens. Where the cold winds blow, and your January strolls in the garden are short, include a sweet-scented winter bloomer. A stalwart of winter displays, pansies easily out-bloom any other winter flowering bedding plant. Although they prefer full sun, pansies also thrive in semi shade making them the ideal plant for filling winter hanging baskets and containers, as well as plugging gaps in your borders.

Jan 10, 2020 · Viburnum’s attractive flowers are also highly fragrant. Some blossom as early as mid-winter, and many have fragrant flowers that are followed by colorful berries, plus gorgeous fall foliage. Several species provide three or even four seasons of interest, and viburnum drupes provide needed food and moisture for winter birds. Jan 25, 2010 · Snapdragons are among the best flowers for borders and cuttings, and they’ll provide colorful blooms throughout fall and winter in milder climates.In cold climates, plant in spring. Flowers come in every color imaginable, and are divided into upper and lower “jaws.”.

Among the most exotic plants you can grow indoors, passionflowers feature bizarre, almost alien-looking flowers. Not all are fragrant, so shop and sniff or read the plant tags and descriptions to ensure you get a scented selection. Some of the best scented flowers are Passiflora x. Night scented stocks A plant that engenders memories through its scent. Stocks with its intoxicating perfume like lily are the best choice in fragrant gardens of cold climate. Its mild fragrance blends lightly in surroundings in the evening. Evergreen skimmias, with their fibrous, shallow roots, are an ideal scented plant that can be bedded out under the shade of a tree during summer and then dug up and planted as a centrepiece in a.

Usually grown for its fragrant winter flowers and described as a shrub with green, holly like foliage, few remark on the fabulous hues Mahonia japonica foliage takes on when grown on poor soil in an open position. The colours are enduring through autumn winter and spring. 3. Aucuba japonica. Boring old spotted laurel it may be. Creamy white, two-lipped flowers bloom in late winter, early spring and are sweetly fragrant but not showy. It can be used as a clipped hedge or a background plant; bring budded branches indoors to bloom. 13 of 17 View All. 14 of. The South’s Best Fragrant Plants for Your Garden.

The five most fragrant winter blooming shrubs - Dave's Garden.

Who says that a winter garden can't impress? We've gathered a list of 9 winter garden plants that will add color, fragrance, and cool shapes to your winter garden. Read on to learn more fall and winter gardening ideas from HouseLogic.

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