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Sep 20, 2016 · A: It depends on what you do when “fooling around.” It’s possible, even though you may not have intercourse the penis is in the vagina. If the semen from the penis gets anywhere near the vagina, the sperm can find their way into the vagina and travel to an egg. sperm may not die as soons air hits it but 5 hrs no she isnt pregnant tell your friend to look information up on the computer about how a women gets pregnant. It is no way in hell shes preggo from just being played with and tell her to talk to an adult or someone she trust if she has more questions. Apr 12, 2008 · Fooling around as in how?? If you mean Kissing.Of course not.thats not how you get pregnant.but even if the penis blew on the vagina and not in. Pregnancy can result even with pre-cum it is known to contain sperms in it. The chances of sperms still being alive on penis also cannot be ruled out, if the next contact with vagi Fooling Around And I Ejaculated! Am I Pregnant Forum Pregnancy Forum.

Jun 11, 2013 · The answer is yes, you could in theory get pregnant from this. If he had any of his on his fingers and he fingered you, or if any got on your vagina at all whether it be through the underwear or around it, then you could be pregnant even though its unlikely in comparison to. May 31, 2008 · You can get pregnant from fooling around more easily than you want to believe. I do think it is too extreme to get pregnant from semen leaking out of his clothes and through yours. But there are many girls who have gotten pregnant through less than full intercourse; there is a lot of sperm in the preliminary fluid before. It is just not smart to fool around and take the risk.

Dec 24, 2007 · no. you cant be pregnant if he didnt come. precum during sex can possibly get you pregnant but it sounds like your period was late before too.. One little word of warning to young women who allow this kind of fooling around is that although that type of 'petting' will not get you pregnant, it can sometimes pass on sexually transmitted infections. So please, young ladies, be careful. Q Hi, Doc. I am a guy of 18.

Aug 11, 2015 · Here’s what Dr. Sherry Ross had to say: “If your boyfriend ‘finishes’ or ejaculates on your thigh, you are safe from getting pregnant. As long as his ejaculate, full of billions of actively swimming sperm, stay clear of the vaginal opening, your chance of getting pregnant is unlikely.”. if any sperm came in contact with your vagina pre-ejaculate DOES contain sperm.whether he ejaculated before hand or urinated you CAN get pregnant. if it has been less than 72 hours since the sexual encounter you can get plan b. if it has been longer. Take it slow guys and do not fool around cause your bound to get hurt along the way and please use a condom. Reply to Tasha. Posted by: unreal.shocked 2005/10/13. No you can not get pregnant.

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